For Customers

Pobyt is a hotel booking platform that enables you to book flexible-length stays at luxury hotels around you, by the minute. You can decide the check-in and check-out time and only pay for what you need, day or night. It’s that easy.
Step 1: Find a hotel nearby
Open the Pobyt app and choose a nearby hotel that is just minutes away from you.
Step 2: Book the hotel on the go
Tap, Pay and Confirm the details and a room will be instantly ready for you to check in.
Step 3: Confirm the Booking
Choose the payment type and make the payment. Congratulations your booking is confirmed.
Step 4: Head to the Hotel
You will receive 60 minutes of complimentary travel time that will start immediately after you book a room. Once you arrive at the Hotel, please go to the front desk and let them know you are checking in with Pobyt. Your check-in time begins when you are given your key, or 60 minutes after you book, whichever comes first.
Note: You do not have to wait for the 60 minutes to count down before checking in. Your room is ready for you the second you tap Book Now.
No, you can’t book in advance. After the booking is confirmed, Pobyt guests are notified that they have 60 minutes of complimentary travel time to reach the hotel. Check-in time begins once you pick up the keys at the front desk, or 60 minutes after you tap Book Now, whichever comes first.
Unlike traditional hotel booking channels, there is no set check-in and check-out time. With Pobyt, your room will be ready for you the instant you tap Pay Now in the app. After you finished your planned stay we would like you to Check-Out the Room immediately. So that we can make the room ready for the next guest. Please head to the reception and hand over the keys to check-out.
Note: Guests staying longer than the duration of stay without prior notice will be charged extra.
Yes, prices are per single occupancy and double occupancy room and pack of minutes + GST ( varies from hotel to hotel ) + Service Fee ( which is 2% ).
We are currently operating in Hyderabad. We will soon launch in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.
A valid government or state-issued photo ID will be required at check-in.
No, you must be over 21 years to book a Pobyt room through our App. Hotels will cancel the reservation if you are below 21 years and your money will not be refunded.
No, the rooms are for 1 or 2 people only. Hotel may cancel the reservation if more than 2 people show up.
It varies from hotel to hotel; some hotels accept unmarried couple and some do not. We mention this clearly in our hotel info screen if they accept or not.