Why Choose Hotels Per Minute?

When you think about booking a hotel by the hour or by the minute, luxury isn’t what comes to mind, especially if you’re booking it last minute. A hotel, whether during the day or night should be an economical, pocket-friendly, safe and secure place. Hotels do not allow micro stays, they charge you for the entire night or day even if you stay for a couple of hours or minutes. But a new Pobyt app is hoping to change that by allowing users to book high-end hotel rooms for day use where they pay by the hour.

Some travel for business, to explore the world or for personal reasons. Some travel with excitement while some travel due work. But we all travel, sometimes within the city, sometimes to other parts of the city, state or country.


We all need to rest for a few hours? Where do you stay? It is a question on everyone’s mind and the answer is short stay hotels or hotels per minute.

Start your short stay expedition by downloading the free app Pobyt, searching for a hotel closest to you, and hit the “book now” button. Rooms are available the instant you book it! Once you pay for the room, the app allows you to travel to the hotel by giving you a 60 mins buffer time.

Spend however long you need in the room and then just hit “check out” when you’re done. Once guests check out on their phone, the hotel receives an alert that the room is ready to be cleaned. You’ll be charged for the exact number of minutes you were in the room. Pobyt is one stop solution to all your needs and allows users to rent out rooms at luxury hotels per minute.

Pobyt.com is a hotel booking platform with which you can book hotels per minute. The specialty is that they offer hotels for micro stay for all sort of business and personal stays. Imagine you are a business visitor who would like to book a hotel room for a meeting for only 3-4 hours, why pay for the whole day?

Imagine you are a couple who would like to spend some precious and private time with your partner and do not need hotel rooms for the entire day? Booking hotels this way will help you to reduce the room costs almost by 50-70%. So, book the hotels with Pobyt and pay as much as you stay with no extra charges!