Top reasons why you should go for micro-stays on your trip

Travelling is an experience that everyone goes about in their own unique way. Some like to plan for hours while corporates need to travels for days together on their specified mission. However, the one thing that always remains constant is the need for hotel rooms and places for accommodation. Traditionally, people have always booked rooms and suites at specified rates per nights but with the advent of micro stays and power breaks, people are now looking to book hotel for few hours.

The concept of booking hotels for a minimum of 18 hours is now obsolete. With the popular concept of getting hotel rooms per hour, travellers are able to plan their stays more compactly and without wastage of extra money for hours that they do not spend at the hotel at all.

Are you looking for short stay hotels?

Don’t want to waste your money on booking hotels traditionally for 18+ hours?

You have come to the right place. Read this guide on why you should book hotel rooms by the hour rather than per night.

Major reasons why you should book a hotel room for a few hours:

  • Micro stays are often referred to as short term bookings and these are crucial for you to get a good deal from your B&B joints or boutique hotels. The first major reason why these short bookings are so popular is their flexibility. Your micro stay can last for anything from 3-12 hours and anything in between depending on your schedule and plans for your trip. Most hotels offer various packages with hours ranging from 3 to 12 hours with some hotels allowing you to customise your micro stay- as well depending on your needs.
  • The second reason why micro stays have become so popular is the number of purposes it satisfies for travellers. Businessmen, in general, are the travellers who seem to prefer this option the most. This is because they need these micro stays between meetings or in between connecting flights that get them to the places they have to be for their business tasks. However, micro stays are also becoming very popular with the Millenials and the younger generation where they can have a room for a few hours for a party or a meetup or even a simple nap in between work if they don’t have any other local accommodation to rely on. In between flights and the number of tourist ventures that travellers plan for their trip, the time they spend in their hotels sometimes ends up being only a 6-hour nap. Now, micro stays have made it possible for you to simply pay for those 6 hours where you check-in, get in your Zs and then go about your exploration again in the morning.
  • Micro stays are in general being adopted in all the prominent hotels simultaneously with mobile bookings or online bookings. Statistically, it has been observed that rooms being billed per night may not be available to other travellers if they arrive just 2 hours before checkout time or there are some other problems of availability. However, with micro stays, you can easily book your room at the last minute just when you become free and you will still be able to get a room due to the flexibility and low time consumption of the hotel rooms via micro stays.
  • The final reason on our list is probably one of the most crucial reasons why the micro stays have become so popular in so little time. Hotels can rent out the same room to multiple customers any number of times during the day depending on the time frame that each customer books the room for. This creates a huge boost for the revenues and income of the hotels and B&Bs which in turn has created opportunities for hoteliers and travellers both. Travellers are often offered attractive packages and treatments in return of switching to a micro stay rather than a traditional 18+ hour stay to help the hotel make more revenues.

Micro stays and power breaks have the potential to create the most revenue for hoteliers along with providing unique advantages to travellers and businessmen on trips. This is the reason why micro stays have revolutionised the world of hotels and B&Bs. Use the insights in this article to plan and use the best of accommodation for however many hours you need it.

Trying to cut on travel expenses? Here’s how

Already dreaming of your next holiday but your pocket isn’t helping? Well, why let it stop you from going on a much needed luxury and dreamy vacation. Just bear in mind a few things that allow your wallet to breathe as well and you, are holiday ready. But what are these things? Why don’t we have a quick look at the things that take you on a budget holiday!

It always comes down to a well planned trip. Of course, planning the trip is the most crucial part of the holiday. And what goes into planning? Research. Lots and lots of research. Be it the travelling, the stay or the local transportation everything has to be sorted and organised. Wondering when the planning should be done? It has to be completed way in advance. Plan your holiday in the offseason if you want to cut off on the obnoxious costs related to things like flight fare etc. And e sure to check out the concept of Microstays during your travel where you can book a hotel room by the hour

The most important thing is also to have a fixed budget in head and never budge from it no matter what. This will give a clear idea and an estimate of how much money you’d be spending on the entire holiday and not deviating from the fixed numbers will help in sticking to the plan. Also, allocate money for each segment in the course of travel. Set aside a sum for the travel and choose your mode of transport wisely and book your tickets ahead so as to avoid the last minute surges and peak pricing. And also reserve your accommodation. One of the best ways to stay on a holiday is to book hourly hotels where you’ll only have to pay for the duration spent in the hotel. Amazing concept, isn’t it? These are the short stay hotels where you can book hotel rooms by the hour

Another department that requires high prior planning is the food. Though you might plan on eating the local delicacies and authentic dishes native to that place, you might want to keep in mind the heavy prices they come at. So it is always advisable to keep a sum aside at all times for food. Also, it is highly recommended that you carry around with you some munchies and a bottle of water at all times. Just in case you have an appetite suddenly and want to start binging on food in the middle of nowhere! Another thing that is definitely not to be missed is to book a local vehicle for getting around places while in that place. Travelling locally is always an exhausting affair. It’s always better to book hourly hotel rooms so that you can close to the airport or such and avoid heavy bills.  So all you have to do is to book a vehicle for yourself or take a package as a deal if it permits and go around undisturbed. 

Follow these tips and include the ideas in your travel to cut off on the humongous prices in a vacation. Have a happy budget holiday!

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Perfect Holiday tour to Tirupati

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Perfect Holiday tour to Tirupati

Tirupati, one of the most holy places is pilgrimaged by millions of people every year. Taking a trip can be extremely tedious and exhausting if there is no well scheduled plan in store. Starting with booking your tickets to arranging local transport throughout the trip in Tirupati including your hotel and fresh up rooms in Tirupati , you’ve got to sort it out well in advance.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Perfect Holiday tour to Tirupati

Plan ahead well in advance
The Temple in Tirupati is one of those places where you cannot set your foot into unless you schedule your Darshan to one of those days which is neither a weekend nor a special day or a holiday. So plan for your trip and Darshan to fall on a dull and normal day so that you can avoid all the inconvenient traffic at the commute and the temple. Keeping in mind the festivals and auspicious days where the temple is going to be crowded to its maximum, it is advisable to plan ahead a well 2-3 months in advance otherwise you might end up with no place to stay. Tirupathi has now emerged with quite a few hotels that can be booked on an hourly basis and you are ready to go!

Travel in style!
One of the many advantages of pre planning is the availability of unlimited travel options, and not stick stringently to the last minute available seats. The best way to travel is to fly to Tirupati. The closest airport is the Tirupati International Airport in Renigunta, 15kms from North Tirupati. Once you reach the airport, if required, you can easily book a hotel for a few hours as per your convenience and resume your journey to Tirupati. But keep in mind to book your tickets way in advance to ensure a smooth execution of your planned trip.

Book your Housing
Due to the consistent rush in and around the temple premises and all round Tirupati, the hotels and inns are bound to get reserved and one might end up without a place to lodge which is the worst thing that could happen when everything else is pre planned. So book your hotels and avoid any hassles in your trip. If you are on a short trip and need a hotel just for a few hours, there are short stay hotels where you can check in any time you want to and stay for only as long as you want to and pay on an hourly basis.

Book Darshan
As it is well known, the Darshan is the most hectic affair in Tirupati. Besides being the most awaited part of the trip, it is also the most strenuous and time consuming part. So, you can book your Darshan, Aarthi or any other Pilgrim Services directly from the Devasthanam’s website and not have to go through the long routes at the temple. This can be done online, way ahead of your trip, as well. A few of the not-to-be-missed places in there are the Papa Vinashanam Reservoir, a quaint water body which is said to be divine and washes away all sins once you bathe in the holy water. And also a little distance away from the temple is the picturesque Akashaganga, a waterfall, in which the holy deity’s idols are bathed.

Local Transportation
It is always handy to have a local vehicle while in Tirupati to travel from the hotel to the temple and also up and about the area. There are also a lot of temples and other attractions which are a must watch in the region. And hiring a local vehicle for throughout the trip is the wisest option while in here A few of the not-to-be-missed places in there are the Papa Vinashanam Reservoir, a quaint water body which is said to be divine and washes away all sins once you bathe in the holy water. And also a little distance away from the temple is the picturesque Akashaganga, a waterfall, in which the holy deity’s idols are bathed.

Shreevari Padalu, a very auspicious mark, is the spot where Lord Venkateshwara placed his feet for the first time to get to the top of Narayanagiri Hill, one of the seven hills. And after completing the trip in here you can come down to the foot of the hills to visit Sri Kalahasti and Kanipakam, 2 very famous temples of all time.

You are all set to go. Have a Happy and a Safe trip!