Short Stay Hotels – A Frequent Flyer Best Friend

The concept of short-stay hotels is that they are economically designed to give extreme comfort, and convenience, especially with the Pobyt App. Technologically outfitted to offer accommodation facilities, you pay for as much as you use. The flexible check-in and check-out allow you the freedom to plan the way you want and not according to a  time someone else has set. With this concept, hotels can convert daytime vacancy into higher occupancy.

Think of it this way, if a baker has to throw away all the croissants at the end of the day anyway, why not sell some of them at a discount?


This model can be used for someone who travels often such as business travelers, on-the-go families, local commuters, and red-eye fliers looking for a more convenient third-space between work and home. They’re great for catching a quick nap, getting work done, or changing between the office and an evening event. The service is also popular for nursing mothers who need a quick and comfortable place to stop.

Short stay hotels solve three key pain points that travelers often face

  • Travelers often require a room for a few hours – in certain scenarios, travelers require room for only a few hours. However, the current booking system only allows booking a room for the entire day. Travelers do not want to pay a full-day tariff for only a few hours.

  • Travelers need flexibility in check-in and check-out timings – The rigid check-in and check-out timings (12 noon – 11 am) does not suit travelers. They do not want to wait till 12 noon if they reach the hotel in the early morning. They do not want to check-out at 12 noon itself if their flight is late in the night.

  • Travelers want to save every penny – Booking a room for the whole day will drain the traveler’s pockets. Therefore these short stay hotels will help to book the room for a few hours or just minutes and even saves the cash!

For hotels, this is a win too, as the average hotel room occupancy in India is under 60%. This means most hotels have vacant rooms for nearly half the time. This idea of short stay hinges on raising occupancy to 80%. The model allows selling the same room several times in the same day. The higher turnover makes up for the discounted rate for shorter occupancy.

More and more people prefer slot bookings to save time and money. The flexible check-in and check-out make the travel plans much more convenient and less stressful.

The focus of this concept should be on hotels near transit points such as airports, bus stations, and train stations. Pobyt is a completely free hotel booking platform for the users and they don’t have any hidden charges or policies. They are safe, secure, economical and pocket-friendly to anyone and everyone.