Work, Relax and Revive at these Best Business Hotels in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is ever known for its culture rich heritages, monuments, food and many, many more. It is also the land of a zillion opportunities besides serving as one of the best places for tourism continuously. Hyderabad has emerged to be the tech and the IT hub of the Telugu states catering to business needs from around the globe. 

Travelling has become the primary thing for business needs and works. So the chief factor that business travellers take into account when on a trip is the place of stay and food.

Now that we are talking of Hyderabad, food is never a problem! All that has to taken proper care of, is the accommodation.

Not every time will you need to stay at a hotel for days together. Some trips for work can last for as long as a few hours, excluding the travel.  Sometimes it could be half a day, and at other times it could be just a couple of hours. In the latter cases, booking a hotel can prove to be a tedious and a highly expensive affair. Because the duration of the stay is no match to the bill generated for the same. This is where POBYT comes into the picture with its hourly basis rooms in Hyderabad

Pobyt is a high-end mobile application which allows you to book rooms online on the go and pay only for the span you’ve actually spent at the hotel. This directly lets you go easy on the wallet. Staying for shorter time lengths at a decent hotel isn’t scary anymore. Just got off a business trip and need to rush to the office but home’s a long way? Book a room for hours to freshen up and shoot to office! Sounds simple yet? All this at the tap of a mobile app. Select a location and feed in your preferences. Book your room in a hotel of your choice and get your room ready.   

Pobyt offers a 60 minute complimentary travel time from the time of booking for check-in.   And since there is a diverse array of hotels for people to choose from, we have put together a few of the best hotels that could be stayed at.

Lemon Tree Premier:

Set in the prime location of Hyderabad, Lemon Tree Premier is one of the premier hotels in Hyderabad, especially sought after by the business travellers, for its high levels of comfort and luxury. Housing a fitness centre, a rooftop outdoor pool and a rejuvenating spa this definitely serves the purpose list of all business travellers. All of this makes it a top pick.

Red fox Hotel: Another wing of the Lemon Tree Premier, Red fox Hotel has an assemblage of high-class facilities including a conference room and premium suites, which can only enhance the travelling and residential experience of a business traveller.

The Purple Leaf Hotel: Located at a very convenient distance from all the prominent travel stations, this is a premium hotel offering excellent amenities at amazing costs. They also provide Airport shuttle and Shuttle services to the hotel. It’s in a prime location for attending conferences or trade events.

Lemon tree Gachibowli: The hotel is smartly furnished with rooms and suites, offering you a wide array of accommodation options. The centrally air-conditioned hotel offers an eclectic restaurant, a Recreation Bar, a 24×7 multi-cuisine Coffee Shop , a business centre, a conference area, a rejuvenating Spa, a fitness Gym and an open-air Swimming Pool to leave you a trip worth making an other!

Fortune Park Vallabha: Fortune Park Vallabha offers elegant conferencing and banqueting facilities besides housing a well-equipped business centre and offers a delectable dining experience for its guests with its multicuisine restaurant and Lounge Bar at  24 hour room service.

These are the top go-to hotels for people travelling on business to Hyderabad. Plan accordingly and you are all good to go!


What Business travelers Really Want from Their Hotel Stay

What Business travelers Really Want from Their Hotel Stay

Business travel is when someone travels interstate or internationally to present their work or represent their place of work. People travelling on business can get really cranky with heavy schedules ahead of them plus travelling! But their trips can be made a little more comfortable with a few tips and a little planning ahead into the trip. Depending on the place and duration of the travel, a few things should be taken into foresight so as to ensure a productive and comfortable tour.

A few things Business travelers expect from a trip are in here.

What Business travelers Really Want from Their Hotel Stay

Short Stay Provisions
Business trips are usually very short and crisp. So there is a fairly high chance of having to travel rather frequently. Business travelers are often working on short time frames. So the hotel should be really close to the airport. This saves ample time in travelling to the place of meeting, to the hotel and back to the airport. There are short-stay hotels for this purpose wherein you can just book the place for a short time as per your convenience. This can be done online and is hassle-free, saves a lot of time and is also absolutely mess-free.

Hotels By The Hour
Business travelers expect a neat room with peace and quiet so as to be able to work in their space. Not all areas and hotels are comfortable for this class of people, especially where there are kids because it gets really noisy with them around. So it is better to book hotels by the hour, be done with the work and check out of the hotel rather than having to put up with unpleasantries. 

A Score Of Amenities
Because of the hustle and bustle of the day especially during important meetings to get to, people expect pretty quick room services like coffee, laundry or dry cleaning. A little delay in such amenities can cause a great delay in the schedule of the person. So it is really important to choose the place of stay that doesn’t hinder your plan and ruin the day.

Stay Connected
The most important thing is the internet or the Wi-fi connection which is the primary factor for a hotel to attract travelers especially those on business. As most of the work except for meetings is carried out in phones and laptops, Wi-fi is no longer an amenity required but it is a must. Also, hotels that are a little aged do not have enough power outlets which are very crucial. So, it is really important to make sure that all your gadgets are well connected to power sources and completely charged because you do not want them to turn off in the middle of a meeting or halfway through a presentation.

Comfort All The Way
For a very pleasant stay, especially for someone on work-related travel, a really comfortable room is truly important. It should also have a proper desk, a table and a chair and a laptop pad if necessary, to work.

Board Room or Meeting Room Facilities
Since the entire purpose of the travel is to work, a hotel with added facilities like a functional board room or a meeting room to conduct meetings within the hotel without having to travel long elsewhere should do the trick!

A Blissful Rest
A business traveler usually wants either of the two, or the two things done at his or her hotel. It is either getting things done or getting rest. Therefore one needs to look for hotels that provide both. It should also house a business center where a guest can print documents or take care of other things, round the clock. Also,  look for hotels that provide healthy dining options,  preferably via room service.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Perfect Holiday tour to Tirupati

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Perfect Holiday tour to Tirupati

Tirupati, one of the most holy places is pilgrimaged by millions of people every year. Taking a trip can be extremely tedious and exhausting if there is no well scheduled plan in store. Starting with booking your tickets to arranging local transport throughout the trip in Tirupati including your hotel and fresh up rooms in Tirupati , you’ve got to sort it out well in advance.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Perfect Holiday tour to Tirupati

Plan ahead well in advance
The Temple in Tirupati is one of those places where you cannot set your foot into unless you schedule your Darshan to one of those days which is neither a weekend nor a special day or a holiday. So plan for your trip and Darshan to fall on a dull and normal day so that you can avoid all the inconvenient traffic at the commute and the temple. Keeping in mind the festivals and auspicious days where the temple is going to be crowded to its maximum, it is advisable to plan ahead a well 2-3 months in advance otherwise you might end up with no place to stay. Tirupathi has now emerged with quite a few hotels that can be booked on an hourly basis and you are ready to go!

Travel in style!
One of the many advantages of pre planning is the availability of unlimited travel options, and not stick stringently to the last minute available seats. The best way to travel is to fly to Tirupati. The closest airport is the Tirupati International Airport in Renigunta, 15kms from North Tirupati. Once you reach the airport, if required, you can easily book a hotel for a few hours as per your convenience and resume your journey to Tirupati. But keep in mind to book your tickets way in advance to ensure a smooth execution of your planned trip.

Book your Housing
Due to the consistent rush in and around the temple premises and all round Tirupati, the hotels and inns are bound to get reserved and one might end up without a place to lodge which is the worst thing that could happen when everything else is pre planned. So book your hotels and avoid any hassles in your trip. If you are on a short trip and need a hotel just for a few hours, there are short stay hotels where you can check in any time you want to and stay for only as long as you want to and pay on an hourly basis.

Book Darshan
As it is well known, the Darshan is the most hectic affair in Tirupati. Besides being the most awaited part of the trip, it is also the most strenuous and time consuming part. So, you can book your Darshan, Aarthi or any other Pilgrim Services directly from the Devasthanam’s website and not have to go through the long routes at the temple. This can be done online, way ahead of your trip, as well. A few of the not-to-be-missed places in there are the Papa Vinashanam Reservoir, a quaint water body which is said to be divine and washes away all sins once you bathe in the holy water. And also a little distance away from the temple is the picturesque Akashaganga, a waterfall, in which the holy deity’s idols are bathed.

Local Transportation
It is always handy to have a local vehicle while in Tirupati to travel from the hotel to the temple and also up and about the area. There are also a lot of temples and other attractions which are a must watch in the region. And hiring a local vehicle for throughout the trip is the wisest option while in here A few of the not-to-be-missed places in there are the Papa Vinashanam Reservoir, a quaint water body which is said to be divine and washes away all sins once you bathe in the holy water. And also a little distance away from the temple is the picturesque Akashaganga, a waterfall, in which the holy deity’s idols are bathed.

Shreevari Padalu, a very auspicious mark, is the spot where Lord Venkateshwara placed his feet for the first time to get to the top of Narayanagiri Hill, one of the seven hills. And after completing the trip in here you can come down to the foot of the hills to visit Sri Kalahasti and Kanipakam, 2 very famous temples of all time.

You are all set to go. Have a Happy and a Safe trip!

The New Way to Book Hotels on Hourly Basis

Long gone are the days when booking hotels was all fussy and risky. Also gone are the days when people would think twice before staying at a hotel unless extremely important, like a tour or a wedding. Lives have become busier, and schedules such that often the need arises for a brief stay in some unknown city for a short duration.

Pobyt brings to you the feature of booking hotels on hourly basis, an absolute treat for those who need some intermediate time between their busy schedules to relax and rewind. You can find the nearest hotel as per your convenience and are sure to have the most comforting experience for whatever bit of time you choose to stay over for.

What is Pobyt?

Our work lives have changed focus from days to hours, so not why our hotel bookings? Pobyt is the one-stop solution for all such needs. Whether you are waiting for a delayed flight, or have some time on your cards before an important meeting, you can choose to go for Pobyt and book hotels per hour basis on the go. Besides assuring a comfortable stay, Pobyt is also free of the hassles of hotel booking. Using their Hourly Hotel Booking App, one can book hotels on the go.

How Does It Work?

The working of the Pobyt app is quite simple and user-friendly. All you have to do is sign up on the application, like any other user, filling in your details and items for verification. After the necessities, you can proceed to view nearby hotels and choosing which of them seems best to you. Finally, all you have to do is choose the hours of stay, which is a flexible option.

You can choose the number of guests the hotel must expect, and the only requisite is to carry an ID card with you for on-site verification. The application would next demand of you to enter payment details in case you are paying immediately, for the hotel per hourly basis.

The application shows confirmation details as per your booking and informs the hotel of your arrival too. All you have to do is collect the keys from the hotel, for which you are provided with an hour of the buffer, in case your arrival gets delayed. The booking period is calculated from the time you have taken your keys. The entire process is hassle-free and quick, with a great interface.

Some Interesting Features

The Pobyt app is, however, not just any regular hotel booking app. The feature of hourly booking hotels adds a lot of flexibility, especially for the professional and the business traveler.


·       Instant Booking

Bookings with Pobyt is as simple and instantaneous as it can get. This is a special feature because it often happens that the stay is not planned in advance. Especially in the case of flight delays and urgent rescheduling, customers do not have the option of booking a hotel at such short notice in their desired hotels. It is indeed disappointing to find out, on other sites, how there is no vacancy in any hotel nearby. Pobyt offers one the option of instant booking without any complications.

·       Flexibility in Checking in or out

There is also the brilliant feature of absolutely flexible check-ins and check-outs. You are required to pay just for the time you are staying for, and this proves to be an added bonus in comparison to other sites where the need is to pay for the entire day or night, no matter what the check-out time is.


With travel and business getting combined these days, it has become almost essential that there are more facilities for the working class. Even other travelers, often disturbed by flight and train delays, need an alternative to uncomfortable waiting rooms and crowded public places. It would be great if they had a personal space to relax at, even if for a few hours. Breaking into the conventional hotel booking systems is Pobyt, which has come up with the exclusive offer of per hourly hotel booking, which has a lot to offer. Blissful comfort without the hassle of paying any more than your duration of stay is the best bit.

Room by the Hour – Why Is It a Need for Travellers and Hotels

Online Hotel Booking App

Businesses around the globe have been expanding themselves and trying to grow by coming up with creative ideas, services and offers that their customers might actually need. This is because most of the services offered to them are not up to pace with today’s world. Therefore, if you, as a business, do not change your policies and services, then your customers will start losing interest in you. One such need for change comes for hotel bookings when done for short stays.

Many times it happens that a traveller might be in need for a hotel room for a short period of time, say an hour or two, but ends up booking it for a full day, and paying accordingly! This is because many hotels do not book rooms for a short time period. This proves to be very inefficient for travellers who have to pay hefty amounts even for micro stays.

Why Travellers need Hourly Hotels!

Travelling, while being a fun activity, can be very tiring and wearing. The need to stop and take rest is very important, especially when long distances are to be covered. However, travelling is not only done by backpackers and tourists. There can be numerous reasons because of which a person might need to travel across cities, states or even countries.

However, whether a person is on a business trip, pilgrim, in transit between places, leisure travels or even backpacking across a country, the need hotel rooms is undeniable. But usually, it so happens that the traveller only needs accommodation for an hour or two, to freshen up and take a nap, before he has to move on to the next destination.

Therefore, they will need a place that can give them a room for only a short time, and charges accordingly, so that they can save as much as possible. This is why day care hotels are what these travellers need the most!

Why Hotels need Room by the Hour!

The occupancy rate of most hotels is not very much. Less than 60% people tend to opt for hotels even while travelling. Even if they are in transit between destinations but have a couple of hours to spare, they will rarely choose to book a hotel room for themselves. This is because of the high prices they have to pay even for short hours.

Therefore, by providing rooms for micro stays, hotels can benefit themselves as well! Let us see how:

  • Higher Occupancy Rate- India is a country where tourism is a very big sector. People not only from abroad but from within the country itself, travel to other parts of the country for all types of businesses. However, if hotels cannot provide rooms for a short period of time, then they will never book one for themselves!

Therefore, by giving them what they need, hotels can attract a section of travellers that have never wanted to book a room for the whole day! This is how higher occupancy rate can be achieved by them!

  • Additional Charges- New opportunity for making money can arise if hotels start providing rooms for short stays. One such opportunity is to apply additional charges for hourly books for late nights. By doing so, hotels will not only be offering the travellers what they desperately need, but also be benefitting their business!

Change is the law of nature. Hence, hotels do need to change their services and policies to accommodate the changing demands of the market! Therefore, Rooms by the Hour is a chance for the hospitality industry to open new doors for their business and help lift the falling market!

Short Stay Hotels – A Frequent Flyer Best Friend


The concept of short-stay hotels is that they are economically designed to give extreme comfort, and convenience, especially with the Pobyt App. Technologically outfitted to offer accommodation facilities, you pay for as much as you use. The flexible check-in and check-out allow you the freedom to plan the way you want and not according to a  time someone else has set. With this concept, hotels can convert daytime vacancy into higher occupancy.

Think of it this way, if a baker has to throw away all the croissants at the end of the day anyway, why not sell some of them at a discount?


This model can be used for someone who travels often such as business travelers, on-the-go families, local commuters, and red-eye fliers looking for a more convenient third-space between work and home. They’re great for catching a quick nap, getting work done, or changing between the office and an evening event. The service is also popular for nursing mothers who need a quick and comfortable place to stop.

Short stay hotels solve three key pain points that travelers often face

  • Travelers often require a room for a few hours – in certain scenarios, travelers require room for only a few hours. However, the current booking system only allows booking a room for the entire day. Travelers do not want to pay a full-day tariff for only a few hours.

  • Travelers need flexibility in check-in and check-out timings – The rigid check-in and check-out timings (12 noon – 11 am) does not suit travelers. They do not want to wait till 12 noon if they reach the hotel in the early morning. They do not want to check-out at 12 noon itself if their flight is late in the night.

  • Travelers want to save every penny – Booking a room for the whole day will drain the traveler’s pockets. Therefore these short stay hotels will help to book the room for a few hours or just minutes and even saves the cash!

For hotels, this is a win too, as the average hotel room occupancy in India is under 60%. This means most hotels have vacant rooms for nearly half the time. This idea of short stay hinges on raising occupancy to 80%. The model allows selling the same room several times in the same day. The higher turnover makes up for the discounted rate for shorter occupancy.

More and more people prefer slot bookings to save time and money. The flexible check-in and check-out make the travel plans much more convenient and less stressful.

The focus of this concept should be on hotels near transit points such as airports, bus stations, and train stations. Pobyt is a completely free hotel booking platform for the users and they don’t have any hidden charges or policies. They are safe, secure, economical and pocket-friendly to anyone and everyone.


Why Choose Hotels Per Minute?


When you think about booking a hotel by the hour or by the minute, luxury isn’t what comes to mind, especially if you’re booking it last minute. A hotel, whether during the day or night should be an economical, pocket-friendly, safe and secure place. Hotels do not allow micro stays, they charge you for the entire night or day even if you stay for a couple of hours or minutes. But a new Pobyt app is hoping to change that by allowing users to book high-end hotel rooms for day use where they pay by the hour.

Some travel for business, to explore the world or for personal reasons. Some travel with excitement while some travel due work. But we all travel, sometimes within the city, sometimes to other parts of the city, state or country.


We all need to rest for a few hours? Where do you stay? It is a question on everyone’s mind and the answer is short stay hotels or hotels per minute.

Start your short stay expedition by downloading the free app Pobyt, searching for a hotel closest to you, and hit the “book now” button. Rooms are available the instant you book it! Once you pay for the room, the app allows you to travel to the hotel by giving you a 60 mins buffer time.

Spend however long you need in the room and then just hit “check out” when you’re done. Once guests check out on their phone, the hotel receives an alert that the room is ready to be cleaned. You’ll be charged for the exact number of minutes you were in the room. Pobyt is one stop solution to all your needs and allows users to rent out rooms at luxury hotels per minute. is a hotel booking platform with which you can book hotels per minute. The specialty is that they offer hotels for micro stay for all sort of business and personal stays. Imagine you are a business visitor who would like to book a hotel room for a meeting for only 3-4 hours, why pay for the whole day?

Imagine you are a couple who would like to spend some precious and private time with your partner and do not need hotel rooms for the entire day? Booking hotels this way will help you to reduce the room costs almost by 50-70%. So, book the hotels with Pobyt and pay as much as you stay with no extra charges!


The Benefits of Short Stay Hotels


Want to book a hotel room with all the amenities, for a few hours? Here is a fresh innovative option for booking short stay hotels that allows you to book rooms for a few hours at budget friendly rate.

The thumb rule for the hotels across the globe is to charge the customers for an entire day, or on a per night basis. This is all set to change with a whole new concept of renting rooms on hourly basis, which is being offered by Pobyt – a hotel booking platform, that has simplified short stays. So you can stay short, and pay less!

How does the short stay hotels actually work?

Simply open the Pobyt App – choose a nearby hotel – pay and confirm your booking, as simple as that. Check-in and check-out time is instant and flexible. Prices will be charged differently for single and double occupancy rooms. A valid photo ID issued by the state or central governments will be required at the time of check-in. Acceptance of unmarried couples is uncertain and subjected to change per hotel. All these terms and conditions vary from hotel to hotel which is communicated in the app priorly.

Generally, in hotels, the guests are charged for an entire day with a hefty amount even if they use the room only for a few hours. This will obviously burn a deep hole in the pocket! Here comes the concept of renting the rooms on an hourly basis. This innovative concept serves your purpose and is even lighter on your wallet. It not only benefits customers but also the hotel chains. You can save up to 70% of your total cost with short stay hotels when compared to regular hotels that charge on a daily basis.

If you are on a day-visit to a city or a place and need to take a short break to get refreshed or just to take a nap for a few hours, short stay hotels give you a smart and fast solution. You need not check for relatives or friends or depend on congested waiting rooms anymore. Hence, on your next visit don’t get stranded, instead get a luxury stay at a lower price. Just book a short stay hotel through the Pobyt App and enjoy all the luxuries of a proper hotel. The concept of short stay hotels is the new revolution in the Indian hospitality industry and is all set to gain more momentum over time.